The idea for an archive of information dedicated to the topic of height evolved as the Internet developed into the World Wide Web. Because I’m 6ft11 I have always had to make due with limited options. Whenever I met other tall people, invariably the topic would turn to retailers that stocked tall-sized clothes or large-sized shoes.

I was never wide enough to shop at the Big & Tall stores so I’ve always had to be a bit more resourceful when finding things that fit. Catalog shopping usually filled the gaps when a trip to the mall left me lacking and like most tall people, I learned to buy an extra if an item fit well and seemed to offer a good value.

My father worked at tech companies for most of his adult life. I grew up being excited about computers and technology in general. I lived in San Francisco and met people who introduced me to the Internet in the early 90′s.

I got an email address in 1991 and traded info on a few BBS sites in the early days of the net.

 Once the Web became more commercialized with secure places to shop, it began to augment or replace catalog shopping for many people, including me. As an early adopter, I met so many tall people who didn’t have the time or inclination to ‘ramp-up’ their computer skills to take full advantage of everything the Web had to offer.

 Most people were still on dial up back then and everything took so long, it was easy to see how so many could get frustrated and discouraged.

When it started in 1997, The Height Site was basically a one-page link repository on another URL – just one page of a 3 or 4 page personal site. Over the years we’ve had friends and acquaintances pitch-in with suggestions, articles, links and moral support. This is still an all volunteer project and I’ve written all of the material that appears here, unless otherwise indicated.

Over the years, the Height Site has been equal parts: digital tear sheet, Web Portal, eZine, and community directory with a general lifestyle focus. When the searchable Web gave way to the Social Internet and mobile, the Height Site struggled to remain relevant and I had to take a step back from the project to regroup.

This current incarnation of The Height Site that you see today has dialed back from a broad spectrum approach to focus on our core value proposition, to help tall people and the people who shop for them find what they need. We hope you find it as useful as we do.